Hiller, PC is a general practice boutique law firm that has a record of success going head-to-head with some of the biggest firms in America.

HPC handles sophisticated legal matters including business and commercial litigation, business and corporate law and transactions, cannabis litigation, insurance law (representing policyholders only), disability insurance law (representing policyholders only), and land use, zoning and preservation matters (opposition work only). With more than 100 years’ experience among the members of our team, our focus at HPC is on obtaining results for our clients. And we get them.


Hiller, PC provides high quality legal services often associated with big firms but with the personal client attention only found at boutique law firms.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide full-service, cost-effective, and highly-skilled legal services as we stand up for our clients and the causes they believe in.

Our Mission

To obtain positive results for our clients and to use the law as an instrument to protect the public good.

Practice Areas

Commercial Litigation

Our lawyers handle all manner of business disputes, including, among others, breach of contract, fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, misappropriation, corporate and partnership dissolution, and business divorces.

Business Law

Our lawyers focus on, and aspire to, resolve legal matters to ensure that businesses can focus on the products they sell and the services they provide, leaving the legal contracts and regulatory compliance issues to us.

Land-Use, Zoning, Preservation

We are dedicated to preserving New York City’s neighborhoods and protecting our communities, landmark properties, historic districts, and the environment from out-of-control developers. We do not represent developers.

Disability Insurance Law

We handle denied disability insurance claims, terminated disability benefits, and disability administrative appeals — all on behalf of policyholders against their insurers.

Insurance Law

We are one of the handful of law firms in the United States that handles insurance litigation on behalf of policyholders only and we win most of all of our insurance law cases.

Cannabis Litigation

We are recognized as one of the top cannabis litigation law firms in the United States, handling all manner of cannabis-related business, regulatory, and other disputes.
About Hiller PC

Slaying Goliath Everyday

Since the firm was founded, our vision and focus has been to obtain the best results for our clients with high quality legal services.

In each area of our practice, members of our firm have become leaders in their fields, establishing landmark precedents and securing multi-million dollar judgments and settlements, as well as closing lucrative commercial transactions on behalf of the firm’s clients.

In connection with our work, Hiller, PC routinely competes with, and has soundly defeated, many of America’s largest and most expensive law firms.

Most importantly, Hiller, PC is able to provide clients with the best of both worlds: delivery of the high quality legal services often associated with big firms, in an environment of personal client attention that can only be found with boutiques. Our clients include individuals, community groups, environmental organizations, preservationists, small businesses and start-ups, closely-held corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, and sole proprietors in a broad range of civil matters throughout the United States.


Years Combined Experience

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We deliver the high quality legal services often associated with big firms,

in an environment of personal client attention that can only be found at boutiques.

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