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New York Business Lawyers

Deciding to start a business, and then operating it, could be a complicated process. Buying and selling a business can feel even more daunting. At Hiller, PC, our New York business lawyers simplify these processes to ensure that businesses can focus on the products they sell and the services they provide, leaving the legal and regulatory compliance issues to us. 

We also serve as general counsel to businesses, advising on legal and related strategic business decisions. In this way, our New York business lawyers help our clients plan for upcoming changes, avoid unnecessary legal challenges, and streamline their businesses to ensure better productivity.

In particular, we counsel and advise businesses, business owners, members, managers, directors and officers in a broad range of corporate and commercial matters, including:

Our New York Business Lawyers Represent a Variety of Clients

Our lawyers represent start-ups, corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, business trusts, individuals, sole proprietorships, directors, officers, members, managers, and other individual clients in the following business areas and industries: cannabis (growers, dispensaries, and ancillary businesses), medical practices, apparel and textile, packaging, real estate, construction, multi-media entertainment, e-commerce, computer software services and other IT, food service and restaurants, vocational and non-vocational schools, religious institutions, electronic and micro-electronic manufacturing and distribution, mail-order and direct solicitation, graphic design, advertising, accounting, inventors, importing, and financial services industries.

With disciplined and informed handling, the New York business attorneys at Hiller, PC are dedicated to ensuring the protection of our clients’ business interests.

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