Commercial Litigation

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New York Commercial Litigation Attorney

HPC’s record of success in Business and Commercial Litigation is unmatched. Simply put – we win cases. And if a case can’t be won, we martial our resources to find a way to settle it on the best possible terms for our clients. 

We handle cases from inception through trial and appeal, as well as all forms of ADR (mediation and arbitration). Our firm is particularly adept at salvaging and winning cases that other lawyers have mishandled. 

Types of Commercial Litigation

The New York commercial litigation attorneys at Hiller, PC represent clients in a broad range of commercial litigation cases, including:

Our New York Commercial Litigation Attorneys Have Represented Many Industries

Our lawyers represent start-ups, corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, business trusts, individuals, sole proprietorships, directors, officers, members, managers, and other individual clients in the following business areas and industries: cannabis (growers, dispensaries, and ancillary businesses), medical practices, apparel and textile, fashion, packaging, real estate, construction, multi-media entertainment, e-commerce, computer software services and other information technology (IT) services, food service and restaurants, vocational and non-vocational schools, religious institutions, electronic and micro-electronic manufacturing and distribution, mail-order and direct solicitation, graphic design, advertising, accounting, inventors, importing, and financial services industries.