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Success Stories

Success Stories Comprehensive Benefit Consultants, Inc. v. Spitz,, 2014 N.Y. Slip Op. 07321 (2d Dep’t. Oct. 29, 2014) Our client was sued by his former employer for allegedly violating a covenant not to compete.  The former employer filed a motion for a preliminary injunction.  While our client was being represented by other counsel, the Supreme […]
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Ask Your New York Commercial Litigation Lawyer About Alternative Dispute Resolution

If you are involved in a New York commercial litigation dispute, you may choose to resolve your claim through the traditional route of a courtroom trial, or you may choose an alternative means of dispute resolution. The two most common forms of alternative dispute resolution (“ADR”) are mediation and arbitration. In comparison to a trial, both arbitration […]
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Coerced Confessions Unconstitutional: Florida v. Chambers (1940)

Seventy-five (75) years ago today, the United States Supreme Court ruled in Florida v. Chambers that confessions obtained through coercion are inadmissible at trial. The circumstances of the coercion in Chambers weren’t especially brutal; there was no evidence of beatings, threats, deprivation of food or water, water-boarding or other misconduct which is often associated with confessions brought about by […]
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